Securing the CAN bus

(705) Quickly understand the latest cybersecurity techniques, principles, and countermeasures.


Autonomous and connected vehicles have significantly increased the risk and potential impact of a cyber-attack on the automotive industry.

As the electronic backbone of the car, the Controller Area Network (CAN) is the last line of defense. Once the CAN bus is compromised, an attacker can gain access to safety critical systems, driver’s personal data and other parts of the vehicle that could have serious consequences.

SBD’s ‘Securing the CAN Bus’ report provides a detailed view of how car makers and suppliers can mitigate the latest threats, while better understanding essential principles, challenges and technical requirements.

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Key questions answered

What specific techniques can be used to apply countermeasures to the CAN bus?

What challenges will security teams face?

How can car makers benefit from a ‘layered defence-in depth approach’ to cybersecurity?

Features and benefits

Detailed insight in to a range of countermeasure options, including message authentication, message encryption and intrusion detection.
Limitations, technical requirements and in-depth analysis on a range of practical, experimental and theoretical security solutions.
Expert analysis on the pros and cons of each solution.
Quickly understand the principles needed to mitigate threats to the CAN bus.
Protect your brand early in the vehicle development cycle.
Anticipate the growing cybersecurity risks that come with higher levels of vehicle connectivity and automation.