Remote Vehicle Data & Diagnostics

(621) Better understand the trends shaping the industry, with a focus on improving service, maintenance and repair revenue.


Connected Car IoT (Internet of Things) trends have revolutionized the automotive industry in recent years, providing the driver, owner, and OEM with innovative features and tools. The near future promises even greater advances in connectivity, opening up opportunities to enhance existing operations and create new business.

This guide provides a foundational understanding of the diagnostics in the connected car, followed by in-depth analysis of the trends shaping the industry, with recommendations for how to navigate those trends. The technical section describes in-vehicle equipment options and connected vehicle data types with a view towards aftersales service, maintenance, and repair implications.

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Key questions answered

How does managing vehicle health affect customer loyalty?

Why do OEMs collect vehicle data?

What use cases would 3rd parties be interested in purchasing vehicle data for?

Features & Benefits

A top 10 of insights for remote vehicle diagnostics
A technical overview, including coverage of components needed, data availability, and costs
An in-depth look at how OEMs are currently utilising vehicle data
See how B2B use cases vary by OEM
Insight on the outlook for remote diagnostics in the next 5 years
Understand the impact GDPR will have on the data that automakers collect