Mobility Services Guide

(618) Keep up-to-date with the latest mobility services across the EU, USA and China.


The Mobility Services Guide outlines the current status of mobility services. This includes business models, pricing plans, company breakdowns, and business partnerships, along with description of key initiatives and activities within new connected mobility.

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Key questions answered

What are the different types of mobility service?

What services are offered by mobility companies?

Which services are currently offered by each mobility company?

Features & Benefits

A comprehensive insight into the mobility services offered in the USA, EU and China.
Six types of mobility services covered, including car sharing, carpooling, and taxi brokering.
Quarterly updates ensure you always have the most up-to-date information to hand.
Quickly track the progress of competitors and potential partners.
Support and evaluate your strategy with a detailed view of the latest developments.
Better understand how car makers are investing in mobility and where opportunities are, beyond their established role.