Legislation Guide

Anticipate the impact of changing legislation on your business.


The 2017 eCall mandate in the EU and the proposed V2X mandate in the USA have left the automotive industry with complex questions. The lack of guidance from governments on cybersecurity, data privacy and the testing of autonomous vehicles also presents significant challenges.

SBD's Legislation Guide provides a detailed breakdown of how existing and upcoming legislation could impact vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, telecoms operators and telematics service providers. The report provides deep insight into legislative pressures in key regions, while allowing users to switch easily between types of legislation, key regions and news updates.

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Key questions answered

When will new mandates, restrictions, policies, licenses and guidelines be released?

How will government initiatives impact vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and other stakeholders?

Who is involved in each initiative and how is the automotive industry responding?

Features and benefits

Everything you need to know about over 150 ‘high impact’ government initiatives
A detailed, global view of mandates, restrictions, incentives and consumer pressures
Easy-to-use interactive format, designed to answer your questions within three clicks.
Understand the legislative response to vehicle autonomy, cybersecurity and connected car technologies
Anticipate the challenges (and opportunities) legislative disruptions will bring
Updated quarterly, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date information to hand.