Innovation Guide

(201) Better manage innovation, prioritize new and emerging trends and understand what they mean for your business.


The automotive industry is seeing many significant announcements spanning sensor fusion, the Internet of Things (IoT), deep learning and other major trends set to create varying degrees of disruption. 

With so much change happening so rapidly, deciding where to focus your R&D effort requires long-term visibility of upcoming trends. Whether your business is investing heavily in one area, constantly shifting from one initiative to the next, or you just need to track and prioritize major trends, our quarterly Innovation Guide provides everything you need to focus on the right opportunities. Enquire now

Key questions answered

How (and when) will the latest trends impact the automotive industry?

Which trends are major car makers, suppliers, CE companies, and start-ups focusing on?

Which of the potential partners would be the best match to help you achieve your goals?

Features and benefits

Covering 15 trends, detailing how they can and will affect the automotive industry. Includes Augmented Reality, Deep Learning, Quantum Computing and the Internet of Things.
Innovating and partnering go hand-in-hand, but doing both effectively is hard. The Innovation Guide offers detailed insight into more than 50 companies, helping you identify who is worth speaking to.
Updated and released quarterly, making sure you and your team always have the latest information when you need it.
Our in-depth, independent research allows you to see which trends to focus on and, importantly, to filter out the hype and noise.
Break down the significant advancements in complex technologies, allowing you to ensure that your entire team have a solid understanding of how new technologies will affect the industry.
Keep on the cutting edge by creating a company-culture that encourages innovation.