Head-Unit Database

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Some vehicle manufactures now offer more than 25 head-unit variants across their global line-up, each with different display sizes, functionality, suppliers and prices. This complex array of options makes it increasingly difficult for manufacturers and suppliers to benchmark their competitiveness.

Our Head-Unit Database is an interactive online tool designed to help you quickly find the data you need. It provides a clear and highly detailed view of infotainment strategies down to individual trim levels and platforms.​

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Questions answered

Which models and trim levels support features such as CarPlay, head-up displays and HD radio?

How does the functionality of infotainment vary across different brands, models and trim levels?

Who supplies the flagship head-units being offered by major car brands?

Features and benefits

Detailed brand-level data covering 50 vehicle manufacturers and 60 suppliers
Organize data by vehicle segment, suppliers, pricing, head-unit type, map updates and more
Clear and simple definitions of system types, features and fitment strategies.
Analyze trends and bring data to life with built-in analysis tools, designed to answer your questions quickly and easily
Focus on the information you need with customizable data
Instantly see who supplies each manufacturer and their position in the market.