User Experience

Put your designs and prototypes to the ultimate test with our expert usability benchmarking, hands-on consumer insights and unrivalled market intelligence


With the automotive industry now offering 42 types of connected service and more than 800 apps in the EU, USA and China, it has become difficult for vehicle manufacturers to offer new functionality without increasing the complexity of their user experience.

Our user experience evaluation services are designed around your specific needs, whether it is testing one part of your system or a comprehensive evaluation of your complete customer journey.

User experience evaluation services include:

  • Service set-up
  • Dealerships
  • Infotainment and ADAS HMI
  • Connected car features, services and apps.
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Some of our methods

Vehicle sale

Dealership interviews, driver focus groups and a comprehensive evaluation of your sales process identify whether dealers have the right training to explain the value of features and services to customers.

Service set up

Hands on usability testing and expert analysis from our specialists provides an independent, actionable assessment of your registration and set-up processes.

Inside the car

Hands-on usability testing, driver focus groups and our detailed scoring system help you quickly identify where improvements are needed.

“SBD helped our team move away from a purely feature-driven focus. We are now working towards an innovative new user experience that will be key to achieving our objectives this year.”
Senior product planner at a leading vehicle manufacturer

Key benefits

  • Independent, actionable recommendations based on SBD’s unrivalled knowledge and experience

  • Benchmark your competitiveness with a clear, quantifiable evaluation of your ownership experience

  • Develop attractive, flexible and intuitive systems that drive customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.