Cyber Guide

(901) Keep up-to-date with the latest automotive cybersecurity threats, solutions, requirements, and news.


The rapidly increasing connectivity and autonomy in modern cars has led to the introduction of new threats and vulnerabilities. In the recent months, there has been a series of high-profile hacking demonstrations that threaten to shake consumer trust in car brands.

As OEMs aim to balance the need for innovation with the risk of car hacking, it is becoming harder to keep track of how the automotive cybersecurity landscape is evolving. SBD’s Cyber Guide covers the latest vulnerabilities, the available countermeasures, regulatory requirements, industry standards and key players within this space.

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Key questions answered

Where are the most significant attack points and methods across the connected car architecture?

How have publicly demonstrated hacks on existing OE connected services been enabled?

What best practices, industry standards and government regulations are impacting cybersecurity?

Features & Benefits

Covers over 50 generic attack points that hackers can exploit to hack a car.
Identifies and analyses security requirements, including cybersecurity legislation, standards and best practices.
Analysis of security solutions, covering countermeasure techniques and products.
An all-in-one comprehensive view of the automotive cyber space out together by cyber specialists.
Keep up-to-date on the key players in automotive cybersecurity.
Identifies the events worldwide, so you can keep on top of what’s happening where.