Automotive Cybersecurity Evaluation

Now is the time to build cybersecurity into your connected and autonomous vehicle ecosystem. Our holistic approach includes penetration testing, threat modelling and risk assessment


As cars become connected and autonomous, the risk and potential impact of a cyber-attack is growing. For the first time, hackers have the potential to compromise a large number of vehicles with a single attack.

  • Researchers are exposing a growing range of threats to safety critical systems across multiple car brands

  • In the next five years, 175 million more connected cars are forecast to be sold globally

  • Almost every major car brand has now announced plans to offer vehicles with higher levels of autonomy.

Our cybersecurity specialists can help you identify threats to your brand, set the right targets, test the strength of your systems and implement cost-effective countermeasures.  Enquire now

Introducing the Automotive Secure Development Lifecycle (ASDL)

Combining SBD’s knowledge of automotive security, connected architectures, and autonomous vehicle technologies, ASDL draws upon an engineering approach to improving vehicle security.

Vehicle cybersecurity evaluation services include:

  • System design review
  • Market intelligence
  • Threat modelling
  • Countermeasure planning
  • Penetration testing.

Some of our methods

System design architecture

Avoid the cost of complex recalls by identifying weaknesses early in the design stage. Services include attack surface analysis and design/architecture reviews.

Asset protection definition

Define what you are protecting, whether it is safety critical systems, intellectual property or drivers’ personal data. Through industry-wide intelligence, we help you set the right cybersecurity targets for your brand.

Threat modelling

Better understand your security requirements with a prioritized list of threats. We help identify which part of your system architecture an attacker would target, the methods they would use, their motivation, the likelihood of each type of attack and the potential impact on your business.

Define countermeasures

Mitigate risks identified at the threat modelling stage. Services include attack mitigation advice and attack surface reduction training.

Best practice guidance

Bringing together your potential attack list with the collective experience of our specialists, market intelligence, industry standards and best practice, we help you pinpoint the most cost-effective way of protecting your brand.

Security assessment

Identify any remaining weaknesses in your actual system with hands-on penetration testing. By simulating real world threats, we provide a clear and realistic picture of your systems’ resilience to attack.

Incident response

Vulnerabilities exist even within the most thoroughly designed and tested systems. In the event of a security breach, we help ensure you are prepared with a comprehensive plan to protect your reputation, minimize the damage and correct the weakness.

Key benefits

  • Avoid complex and expensive recalls by ​mitigating cybersecurity threats early in the design stage

  • Prioritize investment by better understanding the biggest threats to your brand

  • Keep up with today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape by continually enhancing knowledge within your organization.