Anti-theft Guide

Protect your brand and keep up with changing requirements across 40 countries


For the first time in years, vehicle theft is rising again in many markets.

Our Anti-Theft Guide provides a detailed picture of theft levels, market requirements and methods used in each market.  Everything you need to prioritize investment, anticipate disruption and set the right targets for your business.​

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Key questions answered

Which countries are seeing the biggest rise in vehicle theft?

What tools and methods are criminals using to target specific brands/models?

How are governments responding and what is the impact on specific market requirements?

Features and benefits

Quick reference section, giving you the overall picture in each country
Detailed explanations of theft methods, including relay attack and component theft
Legislative and insurance requirements for every major automotive market
Brand, model and country-specific analysis from the automotive industry’s most experienced security specialists.
Anticipate changing market requirements
Quickly understand how and why thieves are targeting specific models
Avoid fragmented solutions and prioritize investment
Develop cost-effective solutions for all your markets.