Refine your strategy with an independent, actionable view of your designs and prototypes. From the automotive industry’s most experienced security specialists


For the first time in years, vehicle theft is rising in many markets.

Our market intelligence, holistic evaluation methods and unparalleled experience of security system design and production have guided vehicle manufacturers for almost twenty years, helping them develop award-winning solutions and respond to thousands of real-world threats.

Our anti-theft evaluation services include:

  • Competitor benchmarking

  • Vehicle/component design review

  • Countermeasure studies

  • Training and best practice.​
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Some of our methods

Security target setting

Drawing on industry-wide intelligence, we identify the most effective way of meeting multiple market requirements.

Vehicle or component design review

Using our detailed scoring system, we provide an independent, quantifiable assessment of your design against your security strategy and targets.

Security assessment

Vigorous mechanical and electronic attack testing to identify any remaining weaknesses early in the development cycle.

Develop countermeasures

Drawing on engineering principles and extensive development experience, we help you find cost-effective solutions to achieve your objectives.

Continuous market tracking

As requirements evolve and new threats emerge, our market intelligence helps you stay ahead of the trends that matter.

Training and best practice

Everything your team needs to anticipate new threats and test methods and meet specific security targets.

Key benefits

  • Reduce costs and minimize production complexity by developing robust solutions for multiple markets

  • Prioritize investment by better understanding the biggest threats to your brand

  • Keep up with today’s rapidly evolving security landscape by continually enhancing knowledge within your organization.