ADAS & Autonomy Database

(534) Everything you need to know about the fast-moving Advanced Driver Assistance Systems market


With a growing number of manufacturers relying on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), it has become increasingly difficult to accurately track competitors and differentiate between brands.

Covering 30 vehicle and more than 500 models, our ADAS & Autonomy Database provides a detailed breakdown of which features each brand is offering, the technologies they rely on, their partners and pricing strategies.

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Key questions answered

Which ADAS features are offered on specific models?

Which technologies does each vehicle manufacturer rely on?

Who supplies the hardware for each ADAS?

Features and benefits

Brand specific insights covering more than 60 vehicle manufacturers operating in the EU, USA, and China
Detailed analysis on every available sensor technology, including radar, ultrasonic, camera, infrared, and LiDAR
Model-specific breakdown of every available ADAS, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning.
A clear and comprehensive picture of how the ADAS market is changing.
Benchmark your competitiveness by comparing features offered by each manufacturer, their pricing strategies and suppliers.
Quick and easy to share across your organization.