ADAS HMI Benchmarking

(806) An assessment of the latest ADAS by SBD's automotive HMI experts


As the industry moves towards higher and higher levels of automation, OEMs and their partners need to make sure that their customers understand the limitations and functionalities of their vehicle’s ADAS. The Human Machine Interface (HMI), plays a very significant part of this equation. SBD Automotive’s latest series of ADAS HMI evaluations covering leading market automotive deployments reveals that even with relatively simple ADAS, the HMI solutions deployed to consumers still lack consistency and clarity. On some occasions, SBD has even identified some significant flaws… in other words, the basics are still not right.

The ADAS HMI Benchmarking report is an actionable tool for OEM and supplier planning and design teams to learn SBD’s Golden Rules for HMI, as well as how best to put them into practice on your own system. Learn what works well (and what doesn’t) for enabling the best possible autonomous experience for your brand.

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Key questions answered

What are the core principles to build a safe and intuitive HMI for ADAS?

How does each system perform under a standardized test methodology?

How are the systems activated and customized?

Features & Benefits

Review in-depth, independent testing and analysis, revealing industry best practice for HMI, as well as any deficiencies that could put the driver or vehicle at risk
Benchmark individual ADAS functionalities with a quantifiable result for each system
Identify solvable HMI weaknesses, allowing you to shape strategies for system evolutions
Gain insight into key competitors, including their system strengths and limitations, and areas for your own differentiation