Are over-the-air updates

a risk worth taking?

Despite unprecedented opportunities, just 10% of major car brands currently offer any form of OTA capability.

In a new study, we reveal everything you need to better understand the OTA market, mitigate the risks and build cybersecurity in to your OTA strategy.


a case


Balance significant cost savings, increasing consumer expectations and new revenue opportunities against the new risks, cost and complexity that OTA brings.

SBD’s Automotive Over-the-Air Updates report


understand the market


Everything you need to know about the OTA market, including opportunities, challenges, technical requirements, key stakeholders and car makers’ strategies.


security threats


An entirely new attack vector, OTA requires a holistic understanding of the latest cybersecurity threats, requirements and countermeasures.


the risks


Supported by SBD’s unrivalled experience in automotive connectivity and cybersecurity, our latest report has all the tools and best practice you need to develop your OTA strategy with cybersecurity in mind.

A new way

of using car data


Although deep learning techniques combined with OTA updates offer an opportunity to continually improve the capability of ADAS, collecting and analyzing data from millions of cars requires a complex ecosystem of new architecture, IT infrastructure and partners.


further ahead


In-depth insight to help you quickly understand the complex components needed to remotely update advanced safety features, from accurate HD mapping to next generation update capability.

The challenge

The solution

Key features and benefits

Detailed insight into eight OTA use cases, including cybersecurity countermeasures, recall automation and selling new features



An in-depth view of key challenges, including cybersecurity, designing around legacy architecture and winning internal support



A breakdown of industry and government standards, incorporating stakeholders and SBD recommendations.

Align competing visions across your organization with a common view of the opportunities and challenges



Quickly understand the specific components required to implement a successful OTA solution




An overview of how car makers are using OTA updates and how the market is expected to grow.

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